About Industry Hire

About Industry Hire

With more than 65 years experience in the industry, Mike Turney & his crew has a wealth of scaffold experience which led them to create Industry Hire.


Mike spotted a gap in the market when they started the business in 2015. Working on-site in dairy factories and large companies across the country, the duo found it difficult to find reliable equipment to get the job done.


Sourcing reliable scaffold companies & access hire equipment was another bug-bear for Mike.



The Creation of Industry Hire

Mike went on to create Industry Hire, a one-stop shop for all things mechanical- from welding, through to scaffolding and all the machinery needed along the way. It made perfect sense, as Mike is a mechanic by trade.


The skill-sets put together created a perfect team to make life easier for business owners nationwide. Mike prides himself in having machinery and equipment that is kept up to the highest standards, and going out of his way to provide the perfect solution for any client.

Industrial Hire Specialists

With a team of qualified scaffolders, mechanics and contract welders on hand, safety is a vital part of their service. Every piece of equipment is inspected regularly and all repairs are carried out by professionals.


“Our priority is the customer and the safety of their staff,” says Mike. “We’ll ensure that whatever job needs to be carried out, we’ll provide the equipment and know-how to get it done.”


Client testimonies have been second-to-none and word of mouth has so far secured the team a number of clients on well-known jobs across the North Island.


Location is no limitation for the Hamilton-based team, they currently service areas from Auckland through to Tauranga and have plans to expand nationwide as enquiries come in.


Welding and Fabrication

For everything that needs welding or fabricating we recommend the services of our sister company Industry Stainless Fabrication and Welding, the ISL team make all our trailers and complete a range of repairs on our equipment.